Hardcore HeroesNews

Hardcore Heroes

February 24, 2015

Forget about the almost superhuman movie heroes who dodge bullets and take out the bad guys, Hardcore Heroes will show you who the real heroes are! Each one hour episode will feature two adrenaline-packed stories of real-life courage and self-sacrifice. Think Chuck Yeager, the fearless pilot who broke the sound barrier; Jack Pritchard, New York City’s most decorated firefighter; or John Keller, the marine who rescued victims during Hurricane Katrina. From iconic war heroes to technological wizards, to brave men and women who risked their lives or turned the tide of battle, every story will focus on the coolest tactics, the biggest gambles and the riskiest maneuvers that saved the day or changed the world.

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Canada’s Worst DriverNews

Canada’s Worst Driver

February 24, 2015

Canada’s Worst Driver, Season 10 takes eight of the nation’s most challenged motorists and enrolls them in our custom designed Driver’s Rehabilitation program.  This year features refreshingly tricky twists and turns…not only will our students master the basic training skills of seasons past, but they will also be challenged with mastering the techniques needed to tackle tricky urban driving situations…in of course some really tricked out cars.

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MasterChef CanadaNews

MasterChef Canada

February 03, 2015

One year after its smash-hit debut, MASTERCHEF CANADA is back to dish out a second season of food-driven drama and achievement! The ultimate culinary competition offers home cooks a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate their skill and passion, as they compete for the title of Canada’s next MASTERCHEF.

Thousands of cooks from across the country apply, but only the Top contenders are asked to audition for the MASTERCHEF CANADA judges. Each participant presents their signature dish in hopes of earning a coveted white apron. Only the most talented and creative home cooks will move forward to the MASTERCHEF CANADA Kitchen.

Each week, the MASTERCHEF CANADA Judges inspire the home cooks to grow and evolve, pushing them toward culinary greatness. Internationally-acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs Michael Bonacini (co-owner of the Oliver & Bonacini restaurant empire), Claudio Aprile (chef/owner of the celebrated Origin restaurants) and Alvin Leung (owner of the Michelin-starred Bo Innovation in Hong Kong) are the firm-but-fair mentors who take these amateurs on a journey from home cook to haute cuisine.

Over the fifteen-episode season, the home cooks face a series of dramatic challenges both inside and outside the MASTERCHEF CANADA Kitchen. Designed to test their palates, food knowledge, fortitude and culinary skills, these challenges drive them past their limits toward unprecedented levels of achievement.  Each week at least one competitor is eliminated, and as the field narrows, the pressure increases.  A single misstep can spell disaster; a well-time triumph can turn the entire competition around, as the country’s most talented home cooks vie to become Canada’s next MASTERCHEF.


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Come Dine With Me Canada - 1

February 03, 2015

Based on the smash success in Britain, five participants take turns creating a three-course meal and hosting the perfect dinner party for their fellow amateur chefs. Each dinner party host is given one night to impress their party attendees and competitors with scrumptious food, sparkling décor and stimulating conversation. At the end of the night, each diner rates the party. The very next night, it’s another mouth-watering meal at another host’s home. At the end of the week, the top-rated host or hostess wins the top prize of $1000. In this ultimate wine and dine competition, we’ll discover who really is the ‘host with the most’.

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Don’t Drive HereNews

Don’t Drive Here

February 02, 2015

Season 2 of Don’t Drive Here is edgier, funnier and more ambitious than ever.  In this gutsy documentary series (6 x 1 hour), host Andrew Younghusband discovers the perils and pitfalls of driving in cities that have the worst traffic in the world.  This season takes us into the vehicular mayhem of Ho Chi Minh City, Rome, Nairobi, La Paz, Port-au-Prince and Sao Paulo.  Each one-hour episode features Andrew learning from the locals -- taxi drivers, truckers, and motorcyclists -- who show him how to navigate and survive in their unique traffic chaos.

In cities where most people would hop on a tour bus, Andrew bravely jumps into the driver’s seat.  From navigating in a rickety truck to making harrowing deliveries on scooters, Andrew learns the ropes on all manner of bizarre vehicles, making Don’t Drive Here a high-octane journey into the heart of each city.  

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Andrew makes hazardous deliveries just like a local - balancing over 1000 eggs and even live fish – on a scooter.  He cycles among the ruins with Rome’s mayor to learn why this historic city is falling victim to the car.  In La Paz, Bolivia, he directs traffic in a zebra costume (yes, they do this locally and it works – everyone slows down and pays attention).  In Nairobi, Kenya he leaves the chaos of the city for a 4x4 safari at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. In Port au Prince, Haiti there are not a lot of ambulances but Andrew finds one to drive – not a four-wheeled version – but a motorcycle ambulance, complete with a backseat stretcher.  And in Sao Paolo, Brazil – a city with some of the worst congestion in the world – Andrew learns from the notorious motoboys that the best way to avoid gridlock is to cut right through it.

Don’t Drive Here isn’t so much a warning (as the name playfully suggests) as a quirky celebration of the resilience and sheer survival instincts of local drivers.  Andrew leaves each city with a new admiration for those who DO drive here.  And viewers go along for the ride – experiencing life behind the wheel in places where they’d never dream of driving. Now they don’t have to.  Don’t Drive Here does it for them.

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