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February 02, 2015

Season 2 of Don’t Drive Here is edgier, funnier and more ambitious than ever.  In this gutsy documentary series (6 x 1 hour), host Andrew Younghusband discovers the perils and pitfalls of driving in cities that have the worst traffic in the world.  This season takes us into the vehicular mayhem of Ho Chi Minh City, Rome, Nairobi, La Paz, Port-au-Prince and Sao Paulo.  Each one-hour episode features Andrew learning from the locals -- taxi drivers, truckers, and motorcyclists -- who show him how to navigate and survive in their unique traffic chaos.

In cities where most people would hop on a tour bus, Andrew bravely jumps into the driver’s seat.  From navigating in a rickety truck to making harrowing deliveries on scooters, Andrew learns the ropes on all manner of bizarre vehicles, making Don’t Drive Here a high-octane journey into the heart of each city.  

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Andrew makes hazardous deliveries just like a local - balancing over 1000 eggs and even live fish – on a scooter.  He cycles among the ruins with Rome’s mayor to learn why this historic city is falling victim to the car.  In La Paz, Bolivia, he directs traffic in a zebra costume (yes, they do this locally and it works – everyone slows down and pays attention).  In Nairobi, Kenya he leaves the chaos of the city for a 4x4 safari at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. In Port au Prince, Haiti there are not a lot of ambulances but Andrew finds one to drive – not a four-wheeled version – but a motorcycle ambulance, complete with a backseat stretcher.  And in Sao Paolo, Brazil – a city with some of the worst congestion in the world – Andrew learns from the notorious motoboys that the best way to avoid gridlock is to cut right through it.

Don’t Drive Here isn’t so much a warning (as the name playfully suggests) as a quirky celebration of the resilience and sheer survival instincts of local drivers.  Andrew leaves each city with a new admiration for those who DO drive here.  And viewers go along for the ride – experiencing life behind the wheel in places where they’d never dream of driving. Now they don’t have to.  Don’t Drive Here does it for them.

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