Lost Car Rescue Season 1


Deep in the Northern wilderness lies a hidden goldmine of abandoned relic cars, soon to be lost forever to history. Enter Matt Sager, a young car hunter addicted to the chase of finding extremely rare cars in some of the most remote parts of North America. Matt and his team of experts are on a mission to recover rare classics hidden away where no one else can find them, from swamps to deep forests to the bottom of steep ravines. In pursuit of their automotive treasure, Matt’s team journeys through the stories of remote places and the people who have lived there for generations, preserving the lore along with the vehicles.
This team’s car hunting style is unlike any other. They start the scout with a flyover in Matt’s restored 1948 Stinson airplane, scouring the landscape for lost caches of cars. As they spot a clue from the sky, they follow the lead to track down the owner and buy it in cash. Then they bring in their specialty equipment to extract the car by any means necessary, without destroying the car’s value or jeopardizing their own safety. The extraction kit of classic equipment is critical to make the mission, including their 1988 Freightliner customized with a paired crane trailer, and the sturdy 1946 Dodge Power Wagon tow truck.
Matt has assembled a crew in which each member plays a crucial role in achieving the impossible. The professional pilot, Jess James, is at home in the sky. Though she’s new to the car hunting game, she is eager to learn. Matt’s brother, Steve, is their seasoned wrench. If it’s got an engine, Steve will make it run. Dave Mischuk is the team’s autobody authority; a retired body specialist ready for life’s next adventure with this younger group. Newest to the team is Lee Brandt, a crane operator who is enthusiastic for the hunt and making some fun along the way.
The car-hunting season is short in the North, so Matt has to move fast to make this trip worthwhile before the harsh winter obscures his treasure. Each episode the team has to fill the trailer to make their quota and pay the bills. Matt’s grown a massive network of buyers all over the world who will pay top dollar for these rare gems, but first they have to find them.