Last Stop Garage Season 2


LAST STOP GARAGE is an entertaining docu-series about a rag-tag team of mechanics who operate out of CRB Automotive in North West River, Labrador. CRB Automotive is a family-owned shop in a tiny town of 553 people. This resourceful and colorful crew use backwoods engineering to fix and build just about anything for anyone. North West River is at the very end of the road in Labrador – one of the furthest drivable points on the eastern seaboard. Being so remote, the CRB mechanics have to be creative MacGyvers, who get the job done ‘Labrador-style’ with the limited supplies, tools, and parts on hand. The hilarious cast of characters rely on their own ingenuity and a helping hand from a wide variety of eccentric locals to keep the community moving. Last Stop Garage is filled with mechanical wizardry, sheer grit, and lots of heart.


Discovery Canada