Cheese: A Love Story Season 1


Cheese: A Love Story is an exploration and celebration of one of the world’s most beloved foods through the lens of Afrim Pristine, the world’s youngest Maître Fromager, or cheese master. Since childhood, cheese has been his life. Born into a family cheese business (the renown Cheese Boutique in Toronto) Afrim embraced his role as the son who would eventually carry on his family’s impressive legacy. He committed early to a life built around cheese.
In an industry that keeps evolving through new dishes, and new ways of making and aging cheese, Afrim’s desire to experience it all is growing too. The passion and drive he has to soak up as much knowledge as he can now takes him around the globe to broaden his understanding and share his love of one of the world’s greatest foods.
On this adventure he’ll meet up with the farmers, cheese makers, shop owners, affineurs and chefs that, like Afrim, are incredibly passionate about the world of cheese and are keen to share their own secrets about this iconic food.
In a six-part journey, Afrim travels to some of the most iconic places and secret hidden gems you’ve never heard of to show the world of cheese like it’s never been seen before. From Switzerland, France and Greece, to back home in Toronto, Quebec and British Columbia; Afrim’s love of cheese only grows fonder as he gets a deeper look at how each culture has made it their own.
Cheese: A Love Story is produced by Proper Television in association with Corus Studios. Cathie James and Lesia Capone are Executive Producers. The series producer is Scott Harper.


Food Network Canada