How Mary Berg Went From ‘MasterChef’ Hopeful to a Millennial Ina Garten

December 13, 2022 By Variety
VARIETY: When Mary Berg’s photo came across the “MasterChef Canada” casting table in 2015, executive producer Cathie James knew she had the look of a TV star. The 26-year-old insurance broker had red hair, bangs, glasses, and a beautiful smile. “Her features looked almost animated,” the Proper Television co-president recalls. “I remember the casting director telling me they were really excited about her. I said, ‘Wow, she sounds amazing. I really hope she can cook.’” Fast forward to the end of 2022 and Berg has starred in two Bell Media cooking shows, “Mary’s Kitchen Crush” and “Mary Makes It Easy,” which was picked up for two seasons by the Food Network in the U.S. Berg has also authored two cookbooks, won four Canadian Screen Awards, guest-starred on the Bell Media comedy “Children Ruin Everything,” and appears on lifestyle shows across the country as a food expert.

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