We have a whole team dedicated to developing new ideas. But we also love working with outside producers, or anyone with a mind-blowing new TV idea. 
Right now we’re particularly interested in: 

1.       New real estate talent: designer/agents/contractors, especially family combinations: mother/daughter, father/son, brother/sister. 

2.       Food ideas with a twist. Tell us what makes you, your recipes, your restaurant, or your food format special.

3.       Interesting, exotic or dangerous jobs, ones that have real stakes, staffed by unforgettable characters.

4.       Shows featuring new ways to look for (and to be in) love. 

5.       Riveting TV pitches for a generation that no longer watches TV.

6.       Surprise us. Convinced you have the “next big thing”? Come in and show us.

Check back often; this list will change from time to time. 

Email both the release form (see below—print and sign) and your submission documents to:

We cannot read materials unaccompanied by a signed submission form. Sorry. 

u41.jpg Download the Submission Release Form