Last Stop Garage Season 1


Last Stop Garage is a funny, character-driven docu-series set in North West River, Labrador that follows the backwoods mechanical wizardry at CRB Automotive. By necessity of being very remote, the CRB mechanics are ingenious “MacGyvers” who get creative with what limited supplies, tools, and parts are on hand. They can’t wait for – or afford – shiny new supplies to be shipped across the wilderness. They have to get’er done, “Labrador-style.”

Each half-hour follows the trio of lead mechanic Corey, owner Collin, and general manager Stanley as they tackle one unique mechanical project that keeps the garage in business, and the village moving. Each project becomes a multi-part mission that weaves through the local fabric of Labrador life from ice fishing to self-sufficient living to snowmobile racing. Just as the community relies on CRB, the mechanics rely on the eccentric locals for wisdom, parts, and a helping hand. North West River is the type of place where people take care of their neighbours, because their own survival depends on it. North West River is what makes Last Stop Garage different: the remote setting provides dangerous stakes, adventure, unique character, and heart.


Discovery Canada