The Post Office

For 65 years 772 Dovercourt faithfully served as a Canada Post Office and sorting facility before finally rolling up its shutters in December 2013.  People don’t send letters like they used to, but they send a lot of emails from their laptops, where they’re also watching TV shows.  Hopefully ours. But this is home now, and we honestly love what we’ve done with the place.

We still call it The Post Office and we’ve retained what original features we could, while still bringing everything to the next level. We’ve gone from two to three storeys, creating a total of 37,000 square feet. Our post-production facility is a source of particular pride with its 35 edit bays, plus assistant rooms, four large screening rooms with Editshare connectivity, 500 TB of storage, and a state-of-the art offline server. 

We also firmly believe in a healthy work environment, so our open-concept work space allows for easy collaboration, better communication, and socially awkward high-fives. The Post Office is a one-stop Proper shop, housing Corporate, Production and also our fast-growing Distribution arm, Proper Rights. And best of all, it looks amazing. The Bloor/Dovercourt area will never be the same.