Under New Management Season 1


Under New Management charts the fascinating wild west of buying and selling small businesses.  Renowned venture capitalist and host of CBC’s Dragon’s Den Arlene Dickinson is  on  a  mission to  launch  the  next  generation of entrepreneurs  who  want  to  reinvent  their  lives  and  risk  it  all  to  buy  a  small business. In each fast-paced half-hour episode Arlene gets to know one  team  of  aspiring business buyers,  identifies their goals, and  makes  them  aware  of the risks  that  lie  ahead.  Arlene then accompanies the buyers to three pre-selected small businesses that fit their investment objectives, skills and lifestyle goals. 

At each location, Arlene helps the buyers interview the seller, and explore the business using her signature “head and heart” technique.  She digs into business and financial details like customer base, competition, and product margins.  Then she pivots to how the buyers personality will fit with the business, the lifestyle implications, and potential relationship pitfalls. Arlene relies on her deep experience to help the buyers understand whether they have what it takes to successfully put each  business under  new  management.  Millions of people aspire to entrepreneurship: to be their own boss, to take charge of their career  destiny, and  to  secure  financial  freedom.  But business start-ups are notoriously risky, with half failing within five years. Buying an existing business can reduce this risk and fast-track an entrepreneur along the route to success.