Vegas Rat Rods Season 1


Steve Darnell is a larger-than-life car builder who creates crazy one-of-a-kind cars out of the junk the rest of us leave behind...They're called Rat Rods -  it's a car culture catching fire and Steve's holding the matches.
An expert picker, Steve finds hidden treasure buried in junkyards, farmers’ fields and swap meets. Then he and his crew assemble these bizarre pieces into rolling works of auto-art.
In each episode of Vegas Rat Rods Steve and his team build a new car for a demanding client in less than 10 days and they’ll do it entirely out of junk.
Steve has built a reputation as one of the best fabricators in the world. But can he turn this bizarre talent into a profitable business? He has literally ‘bet the farm’ that he can. Steve sold his Montana ranch and moved to Las Vegas to open ‘Welderup’ - a custom shop that offers Steve’s cars to the public. But in order to turn a profit in today’s economy Steve will have to complete a full custom car at break-neck speeds.
It’s a wild ride – good thing that happens to be Steve Darnell’s specialty.


Discovery US, Discovery Canada