The Real Superhuman And The Quest For The Future Fantastic


The Real Superhumans is a groundbreaking feature length documentary that reveals the amazing stories of real people with extraordinary super powers. Who are these “super humans”? In Switzerland, a young woman who combines senses so she can taste and see music; In Turkey, a painter who is compared with Renaissance Master Brunelleschi – despite being born without eyes. In the Netherlands, a man with an unexplained power to withstand extreme cold.

Writ large like a comic book, The Real Superhumans delves into each of these amazing characters’ stories. Each one give us a glimpse into what we may all be like in the future – the very near future. There are those who say that the human species will be radically different not in thousands of years or even hundreds – but in our lifetime! The Real Superhumans talks to the world’s leading geneticists, biologists, futurists, inventors and evolutionary scientists about the importance of this moment in history and how the decisions we make right now will affect our future forever.

The documentary was showcased at the World Congress of Science Producers in New York in November 2008, and won the ‘Best Canadian Programme Award’ at Banff that same year.


Discovery Canada, UK, DCI, HD (US)