Iron Chef Canada Season 1


Based upon the popular Japanese sensation, Iron Chef Canada pits world-class chefs against the legendary Canadian Iron Chefs: Hugh AchesonAmanda CohenLynn CrawfordRob Feenie, and Susur Lee in intense culinary battles. In every episode, the Chairman invites one talented challenger to go head-to-head against one of Canada’s most iconic Iron Chefs in a one-hour, five-dish duel for culinary supremacy in Kitchen Stadium. The Chairman kicks off each battle revealing the secret ingredient – the mandatory item that must be incorporated into each of the Iron Chef and challenger’s five-dish line-up. The Chairman turns up the heat in Kitchen Stadium when he introduces his Culinary Curveball, an unexpected ingredient that must be incorporated into at least one of the courses each chef presents.

Iron Chef Canada is hosted by acclaimed culinary expert and food writer Gail Simmons; noted food critic and writer Chris Nuttall-Smith provides play-by-play commentary as Floor Reporter, and Jai West is Iron Chef Canada’s enigmatic Chairman.


Food Network Canada