Billy Goes North Season 1


After taking on the South’s worst critters, North America’s favourite exterminator and pest control expert, Billy Bretherton, has left Louisiana behind, taking on a new challenge – the biggest, baddest pests and wildest animals of the Great White North. Billy’s unconventional and ingenious methods, mixed with his hands-on approach, always get the job done. Billy Goes North (12X30’) follows Billy in his new northern element, and after adding an impressive set of new skills to his pest-fighting arsenal, he is ready to take on whatever the untamed North has to offer, including crazy, out of control critters, and gnarly animals that other exterminators cannot or will not handle alone. In each episode of Billy Goes North, Billy will work with his dispatcher, Bea, as she sends him to fight two big pest problems. Billy will travel from the outskirts of rural Northern towns, farms and suburbs to bigger towns and cities. From wolves preying on livestock and beavers flooding country roads to evicting porcupines from a northern cottage and escaped exotic animals running amok, no job is too difficult for Billy. Whether the job requires ancient, unconventional methods, spanking new technology, a big assist from a local expert, or Billy’s own home-grown style of animal psychology, he’ll never leave his client’s pest dilemmas unsolved.