September 25, 2017
Boat Rocker Media has acquired the principal assets of Proper Television and Proper Rights, a leading full service unscripted production and distribution company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Effective immediately, this acquisition marks Boat Rocker’s continued growth into the unscripted content space, expanding the company’s distribution library and production infrastructure, including Proper’s world-class 35,000 square foot facility.

Proper will continue to operate as an independent business unit within the Boat Rocker Media family of companies, adding significant scale and expertise, particularly in the area of high budget format production. The rights and distribution business is being consolidated into Boat Rocker Rights, Boat Rocker Media’s global distribution arm, adding over 2,200 half hours of content to the company’s catalogue. Reporting to Michel Pratte, CRO of Boat Rocker Media, Lesia Capone and Cathie James will take over the reigns as Co-Presidents of Proper, providing the day-to-day executive leadership and production oversight. Boat Rocker will continue to provide capital investment, business support and guidance to the Proper team.

“Continuing the legacy of what Guy built over the last decade and supporting the incredible work of the entire Proper team is at the heart of Boat Rocker’s approach to this new relationship,” said John Young, CEO of Boat Rocker Media. “As premium unscripted original content and formats find new and exciting business models in a multiplatform world, we are excited about working with the Proper team and their global broadcast and creative partners in the years to come.”

With a 13 year history of market leadership, Proper has launched hit Canadian versions of international formats including Canada’s Worst Driver, MasterChef Canada, Storage Wars Canada, Canada’s Worst Driver, Come Dine with Me Canada, and Four Weddings Canada, as well as originals like Vegas Rat Rods, True North Calling, Last Car Standing, Secret Lives, Newlywed Nearly Dead, Don’t Drive Here, and Yukon for Sale.

“In the wake of Guy’s passing, we have been deeply moved and motivated by the support of the Canadian and International production community, said Capone and James, “and now Boat Rocker is providing an opportunity to expand Guy’s legacy with their extraordinary vision and support. We’re honoured and excited to become part of this dynamic and forward-looking company."

Boat Rocker is looking forward to building on this incredible success in formats and originals. Proper is currently in pre-production on MasterChef Canada Season 5 (CTV) and in post-production on The Great Canadian Baking Show, Season 1 (CBC), Canada’s Worst Driver Season 13, Tougher Than It Looks Season 2 (Discovery Canada, Velocity USA) and Last Stop Garage, Season 1 (Discovery Canada.

Since opening its doors in 2004, Proper Television has become one of Canada's premier production companies, creating more than 600 hours of smart, fresh and compelling factual programming for audiences around the world. Proper's award-winning slate includes original productions like Vegas Rat Rods, Tougher Than It Looks, Last Stop Garage and Don't Drive Here, as well as home grown versions of big international formats such as MasterChef Canada, Canada's Worst Driver, Storage Wars, Four Weddings and Come Dine with Me.